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CLAAS front weights

For every machine model and every application.

Front weights are important: you must have the right ballast on board. Whatever it takes.

CLAAS front weights

For every machine model and every application.

Front weights are important: you must have the right ballast on board. Whatever it takes.

Front weights

CLAAS also offers a comprehensive product range when it comes to proper ballasting. CLAAS offers suitable front ballasting for every application and machine type. Tractors can be used all year round and for a variety of applications. When it comes to operating effectively and efficiently while preserving the terrain, whether in the field or around the farm, it all comes down to proper ballasting.

With the new DRIVE-IN concept, for example, the front ballast can be adjusted easily and in just a few minutes to the current requirements of the tractor. Of course, other types of simple reinforced concrete ballast weights and weights manufactured from the innovative material magnetite are also available.

The benefits for you at a glance:

  • Endurance-tested CLAAS front ballasts with certificate
  • Internally tested draw gear: 18–22 t permissible tractive power, depending on model
  • Production certified to ISO 9001
  • Many years of experience and product reliability
  • Appealing design
  • No obstruction of headlights
  • Reduced risk of injury, thanks to large radii, set-back and rounded draw gear
  • Innovative models
  • Tractor-manufacturer-tested ballast weights, some DEKRA-tested
  • Internal product check by in-house testing station
  • Product volume from 400 kg to 3,400 kg

Safety instructions

  • Before attaching implements to the front and rear three-point hitches, always check that the gross permissible weight of the tractor, the permissible loads on the front and rear axles, and the load capacities of the tyres are not exceeded.
  • The eye bolt on the front ballast weights must only be used for towing the tractor in conjunction with a tow bar and over firm ground.
  • Before modifying the original ballasting, first ensure that the provisions on attachment have been observed.
  • The impact and brake capacity of the tractor depend on the weight of the attached implements and ballast weights.
  • Following a heavy impact on the ballast, the weighted axles or entire ballast must be replaced for safety reasons.
  • Check when attaching the front ballast for the first time that the lifting arms do not touch the front ballast at any point during lifting or lowering.
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